Volusia Vet Services Provides Mobile Veterinary Services and House Calls to Residents of Volusia County, Including DeLand, Deleon Springs, and Surrounding Areas

Whether you’re looking for veterinary services for your household pet or livestock, Volusia Vet Services offers mobile pet services* and office visits to fit your preference.

Rounding up your pets for a visit to the vet can be cumbersome – especially if you have multiple animals or they are large in size.  And sometimes it can be difficult to find a veterinarian that can treat smaller household pets such as dogs and cats, as well as livestock such as sheep, cows, horses and pigs.  Volusia Vet Services’ owner and veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Shairer, has both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Animal Science, and has lots of experience treating larger animals, having interned at the Bronx Zoo during his undergraduate studies at Cornell University in New York.

We provide a multitude of services to our clients in our clinic, located conveniently on DeLand’s main street, S. Woodland Blvd.  We also operate a mobile vet service, and offer all of our treatments via house call in your home, business, or farm. 

Benefits of a Mobile Vet Service

Farm owners have long known the convenience of veterinary house calls for their livestock, but at Volusia Veterinary Services we offer this service to all of our patients – large and small.  Perhaps you have a skittish animal that doesn’t do well during trips to the vet, or a multi-pet or large pet household that makes a visit to the vet feel like a circus caravan.  Now you can tend to your pets’ routine wellness exams as well as any emergent care situations from the comfort of your home. 

Even if your pet is social and loves a ride in the car, our house calls may one day benefit you.  All pets age someday, and what was a fun and exciting excursion for your pup may become a tiresome and difficult journey for an older dog. 

We think of our patients as family, and we treat your pets as though they were our own.  We believe that once you meet the caring staff and doctor at Volusia Vet Services, you’ll feel as though you’ve found your vet for life.  So we want to make sure that we can cater to your animal throughout its years and offer a convenient solution for you to tend to your pet’s needs no matter their age or physical state. 

We invite you to come visit our clinic in downtown DeLand, or contact us at (386) 740-0963 to inquire about our mobile vet services serving DeLand, Deltona, Debary, Deleon Springs and Orange City. We look forward to welcoming your pets into our family!

Call our office for appointment availability and pricing.

If you live in DeLand, DeLeon Springs, Orange City, Deltona, DeBary, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach or nearby Volusia County communities and you are looking for a veterinary service that provides compassionate well-rounded animal care, at a state-of-the-art clinic or through mobile veterinary visits*, Volusia Vet Services is the right choice for you.

*Not available for all species.